Honestly, I’m not sure how I missed that there’s a new Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix.  I absolutely love true crime.  Typing that out seems a little weird, but it’s true.  I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and have watched a lot of documentaries.  I’m not quite sure what it is, but I can’t help but be drawn into these stories.

If I Weren’t In Radio

I think if I weren’t in radio, I would have been a psychologist or maybe an investigator.  I always want to know WHY someone does such horrible things.  Of course, the true crime stories that mess with my head the most are probably the unsolved ones- where they either can’t find the killer, or they have no body.  It drives me crazy to think that someone just vanishes without a trace.  Or that there’s a murderer walking around somewhere getting away with what he/she did!

New Jeffrey Dahmer Series on Netflix

Anyway, back to the Jeffrey Dahmer thing.  I know the general premise of his story, but haven’t done a LOT of personal investigating.  That’s why I’m very interested in the new series on Netflix.  They have already released the series.  It’s called, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” And it’s already gotten some interesting feedback.

Viewer Feedback So Far

Some viewers have said the content is “nauseating.”  One person even pointed out that choosing to eat while watching the series may not have been their “smartest choice.” And when it came to casting, some feel they made the right choice.  One person tweeted: “They picked the right person to portray Jeffrey Dahmer. Evan Peters will always understand the assignment.

Neicy Nash is also in the series and receiving praise for her role.

Still Going To Watch It!

Despite the disturbing comments and reviews, I’m going to have to see this one! According to Fox 6 Milwaukee, the documentary uses multiple sources for the story.  It includes Anne Schwartz, who was the first reporter to break the story.  She’s studied the case so much, and has even written a book about it.

From what Netflix describes, the series tells the story through the victims’ perspective. And alludes to some police incompetency that allowed Dahmer to commit his crimes.

Anne Schwartz comments that the limited series takes a bit of creative freedom.

There’s also another documentary that will air on Netflix.  That will be released on October 7th.

My Thoughts On True Crime

I’ve tried to figure out what it is that draws me in about true crime podcasts and documentaries.  And I guess there are many things.  But one thing is… these are REAL stories.  These are things that actually happened.  Scary movies are one thing.  But true crime stories are reality. And that’s both terrifying and eye opening.  I truly believe all my true crime binging makes me way more aware of my surroundings.  And in today’s world, that seems to be getting worse by the day, you can never be too safe!