Chris O’Kelley

Chris O’Kelley

Chris O’Kelley

Every day Nashville gets invaded by the latest man or woman who wants to be the next big thing.  Some make it. And some go back home. The dream is to be the next Sam Hunt or Miranda Lambert. They play every little bar they can find to just get someone to hear their music to help make that dream come true. And there are definitely some good new artists you need to know!

Garth Brooks said one time and it kinda was like this. This business is full of luck. There are more talented people waiting tables and bartending in Nashville that were better than him. But luck was on his side that one day. Garth had been turned down by every record label in Nashville many times. He got a call to play The Blue Bird Café because someone got sick. He played the opening set and one of the record executives who turned him down just happened to be there when Garth played his early set and said, How did we let this one go and they signed him to the record label the next day!  Luck does play a lot into this.

If you make a trip to Nashville anytime soon and you make your way down lower Broad and you go into one of the many Honky Tonk’s and Bars and see someone, or band playing and you see that tip bucket, (Which They All Have), put something in it.  It’s how they make a living.  Music is their life

So after my most recent trip to Nashville last week, I came back with some new artists that I had the honor of hearing and meeting and wanted to share some with you.

Here are 15 new artists that you need to know!


  • Hannah Ellis-Country Can

  • Breland-For What It's Worth

  • Tyler Braden-Try Losing One

  • Kylie Morgan-If He Wanted To He Would

  • Shane Profitt-How It Outta Be

  • Jelly Roll-Son Of A Sinner

  • Drake Milligan-Over Drinkin' Under Thinkin'

  • Randall King-Mirror Mirror

  • Erin Kinsey-Just Drive

  • George Birge-Mind On You

  • Kolby Cooper-Excuses

  • Corey Kent-Wild As Her

  • Kameron Marlowe-Giving You Up

  • Tiera Kennedy-Found It In You

  • Avery Anna-Critic

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