Apparently, today is National Make A Dog’s Day! As you probably already know by now, I don’t need just one day to celebrate my pups.  I’m pretty sure they get treated (a.k.a. spoiled) well every single day. In fact, it doesn’t take much to make my dogs’ day! Even their simple, same walk every morning gets them so excited.

What Is National Make A Dog’s Day?

According to National Today, the day is about ensuring the dogs around us enjoy themselves as best as possible.  Easy enough, right? That’s what I love about dogs.  They are just so genuine and joyful.  A belly rub, a walk, snuggling on the couch, playing fetch. These are such simple, easy things that dog’s truly appreciate!

If you’re a dog owner, you know the value and joy dogs can bring to your life. Their love and loyalty is unlike anything else on earth.  People often say dogs are too good for us.  And I agree.  Even after being scolded, my dogs will still run to me, tails wagging, like nothing ever happened.

And of course, there have been studies about the benefits of owning a dog.  Typically, dog owners are more active – which of course can depend on the breed, with some being more high-energy than others. There have also been studies showing that dog owners have lower blood pressure and improved stress response.

Another benefit of dog ownership? Being less alone.  Whether you live alone, or you’re simply at home while no one else is there, it’s nice to have the company of a dog.  There’s nothing I love more than coming home to those wagging tails. Plus, they are super comforting too. I swear my dogs respond to my moods. If I’m crying, they are quick to come check on me.  So even on my worst days, my dogs make it better!

The First National Make A Dog’s Day

This special day is a new one.  It became an “official” day back in 2019. With dog’s being such a huge part of so many people’s lives, it’s a day to really highlight how special they are.  But it’s also a day to encourage better conditions for dogs, and dog adoptions.

How To Celebrate?

National Today gives a few ways you can celebrate National Make A Dog’s Day.

  • Go for a walk! Not sure about you, but my dogs know when it’s time for their daily walk, and if I’m ever running behind, they let me know!
  • TREATS! My dogs are suckers for any kind of treat.  They aren’t picky at all.  I might just have to give them a few extra treats today.
  • Donate to a shelter. There are so many shelters and rescues here in the CSRA that can always use some help– whether it’s financially or through donations of supplies and food.  Some shelters even let you come spend time with some of the animals to help their socialization and get some exercise.

Dogs… What’s Not To Love?

Of course I’ve already mentioned their love and loyalty.  But dogs are simply incredible animals.  They have an extremely great sense of smell.  I am fascinated by dogs trained to sniff out drugs, bombs, or cadavers. But, you also have dogs that aren’t even trained who have saved their owners who might suffer from seizures or blood sugar issues.  And they also have great hearing.  I’ll admit, I sometimes get annoyed when my dogs start barking at what I believe to be nothing… But they can definitely hear things I can’t.

Whatever you decide to do today with your pups, I hope you enjoy the day and make the most of it.  And share those photos on social media… because in my opinion, you can NEVER have too many dog pictures!

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