Pet Month

June Is Foster A Pet Month

There are so many great animals that are without homes. Local animal shelters are filled, and local rescues are desperately trying to find safe places for the animals.  And now, since June is Foster A Pet Month, we decided to dig in on what fostering a pet entails.  We'll also share some of the great local organizations you can connect with to help! What Is Fostering? Fostering a pet involves bringing a homeless pet into your home, feeding, sheltering, and preparing the pet for when it will go to its forever home. According to Georgia Homeless Pets, a foster parent loves and takes care of the animal as if it were their own. And it's a great way to enjoy love and attention from an animal without a permanent commitment. Fostering a pet can be for a set amount of time, or until a home is found.  Whether you're considering getting a dog, but haven't fully committed, or you just want to make a difference, fostering can be such a rewarding experience. Even if you have pets already, you can still foster! Why Foster A Pet? For many rescues, they don't have a physical location. Because of that, they rely solely on foster families to house pets.  By becoming a foster parent, you can make a huge difference.  It helps free up space in shelters, which helps save even more animals. And it also helps the animal get acclimated to life outside of a shelter or off the streets.  You can learn about the animal and help the shelter or rescue find the best home possible! Fostering an animal is a truly rewarding experience. And it's a fact that animals are good for our health!  Snuggling with pets can help bring our stress level down and help with low mood.  Taking a dog for a walk helps you get more exercise.  Being around a pet, you'll experience a lot of love and laughter too! Even if you're unable to foster a pet, there are still ways you can help.  Many rescues and shelters are always in need to donations (food, toys, cleaning supplies, blankets, etc.).  They often have a way you can contribute monetary donations to assist with veterinary care, spaying/neutering, and more. Many have volunteer opportunities as well. Resources PetFinder has a great article on the many things to know before you foster a dog or cat. Check that out HERE! also has "Dog Fostering 101" that really breaks down how to know if you're ready to foster, what's expected, how to prepare and more.  Check that out HERE!

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