NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - JUNE 11: Megan Moroney performs onstage during day four of CMA Fest 2023 at the Chevy Riverfront Stage on June 11, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Megan Moroney called into the Kicks Wake Up Krew this morning to announce she’s coming to this year’s Guitar Pull!  And we had the chance for her to play Can’t Beat Cody!  So… did she beat Cody?  Listen to Megan play Can’t Beat Cody here:

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Dub [00:00:00] All right, So, Megan, we got this little game that we play every single day. It’s called Can’t Beat Cody. And I have three questions here. The questions could literally be about anything. I’m going to ask you these questions first. Cody, you got to go. You got to get in the soundproof booth. So, Megan, I’m going to ask you these three questions first, and then I’m gonna bring Cody back in out of the soundproof booth, and I’m going to ask her the same three questions. Whoever gets the most right wins and gets bragging rights until Guitar Pull. Okay. Alright, here we go. Question number one. Of course, you are a Georgia Bulldog. How many national championships do the Georgia Bulldogs have? Three, four, or five?

Megan Moroney [00:00:36] Oh, you know, I have no idea, but I’m going to go with three.

Dub [00:00:42] Final answer?

Megan Moroney [00:00:43] No, four.

Dub [00:00:45] Final answer? Okay. All right. Question number two, What is the main ingredient in a mojito?

Megan Moroney [00:00:53] What is that? Isn’t it like, isn’t it like rum? I don’t know.

Dub [00:00:57] Final answer.

Megan Moroney [00:00:58] Sure. Yeah. And mint leaves. I don’t know.

Dub [00:01:00] All right. Okay. And question number three. Of course, we mentioned earlier you went on tour with Brooks and Dunn earlier this year. What year did Brooks and Dunn release their debut album, Brand New Man? 1989, 1991, or 1993?

Megan Moroney [00:01:13] Probably 1990… Did you say three was an option?

Dub [00:01:20] Yeah 1989, 1991, or 1993.

Megan Moroney [00:01:22] 1992. We’re going to go in the middle. I don’t know, but I don’t know.

Dub [00:01:26] You’re going to go with 1991?

Megan Moroney [00:01:29] It’s in the nineties.

Dub [00:01:30] You want to go with 91 or 93?

Megan Moroney [00:01:33] 93.

Dub [00:01:33] 93, okay. All right, Cody, come on back in.

Megan Moroney [00:01:36] I have a feeling I’m 0 for 3 on these questions.

Dub [00:01:39] I’ve got your answers down. Let’s see how Cody’s compare. Okay, so I’ve got Meghan’s. I’m. Don’t. Stop trying to look at the paper. I got Megan’s answers written down. Who knows if they’re right or not? We’ll find out in a minute. Cody, question number one for you. How many national championships do the Georgia Bulldogs have? Three, four, or five?

Cody [00:01:56] Um, four.

Dub [00:01:57] Final answer?

Cody [00:02:00] Uh, yeah.

Dub [00:02:00] That’s what Megan said as well. She originally said three, but then she went back and changed it to four. You’re both correct. We’re all tied up heading into question number two. What is the main ingredient in a mojito?

Cody [00:02:11] Um. Uh. God, I don’t know. I want to say gin.

Dub [00:02:15] Final answer?

Cody [00:02:15] Yeah.

Dub [00:02:16] So Megan said rum. Megan is correct, and she is now one up heading into question number three. What year did Brooks and Dunn release their debut album, Brand New Man? 1989, 1991, or 1993.

Cody [00:02:29] Uh, I’m going to go with 91 on that one.

Dub [00:02:32] Final answer? So Megan said 1993. Cody, you are correct. So, Megan, you got two questions, right? Cody, you also got two questions right. We got ourselves a tie here this morning.

Cody [00:02:44] That was a close one.

Dub [00:02:44] So Megan now, even though you didn’t beat Cody, we still got to have you say this phrase because you didn’t beat her with a tie. Can you do me a favor and say, Hey, I’m Megan Moroney and I can’t beat Cody?

Megan Moroney [00:02:57] Hey, I’m Megan Moroney, and I can’t beat Cody.

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