Brett Young is coming back to Kicks99’s Guitar Pull this year! He made his first appearance at the show back in 2017. Back then he only had a couple of songs out and was a fairly new artist. Well now he’s had several hits and is way more of an established artist. We can’t wait to welcome him back to Augusta in a couple of months.

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Guitar Pull artist number four is Brett Young!


Brett Young [00:00:00] Good morning. This is Brett Young.

Dub [00:00:02] Now wait a minute…

Cody [00:00:03] Brett Young? You’re coming to Guitar Pull?

Brett Young [00:00:06] I am. It can’t come soon enough.

Dub [00:00:08] All right. So Brett Young has played Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull one time before back in 2017. Real quick, man, let’s kind of talk about that for a second. I mean, did you have did you have so much fun in 2017 that you like I got to get back there at some point?

Brett Young [00:00:22] Yeah. I mean, I think in 2017, I also only had one song, so I figured we’ll come back, come back with a little new music this time.

Cody [00:00:30] A lot’s changed since then.

Dub [00:00:31] Yeah, a lot of a lot of big hits since then. And you know, we know kind of one of the main influences on your music is the missus.

Cody [00:00:41] Yeah, so we were kind of looking at your Instagram and I want to know how in the world you managed to get married in secret and keep it a secret for two months.

Brett Young [00:00:51] Well, we didn’t want to ruin the wedding day for the her parents or mine that were helping plan such a special day for us. We also didn’t want to wait and we wanted to have something that was kind of special and uniquely ours. So, you know, we felt like telling them before the the like formal wedding and celebration would have kind of ruined their experience. So it was tough because we were excited and we wanted to tell everybody. But but you know, it was kind of more to preserve their experience in November when we actually had the ceremony.

Dub [00:01:24] Wow. So that had to have been so because I mean, I know you all saw both sets of parents in those months leading up and you were like, did you almost slip? Did one of ya’ll almost slip and accidentally spill the beans?

Brett Young [00:01:35] I can’t speak for Taylor, but for me, yes. Because we you know, it was there was like a lot of tiptoeing around it because my dad did part of the ceremony. My dad’s a pastor and we didn’t need anybody to sign anything because it was already a legal marriage. And he’s talking about getting the wedding certificate and, you know, how is it going to work? My manager did part of the ceremony as well, and he’s not ordained. So how’s he going to sign it? My dad was asking all these questions. Yeah, it was it was difficult. And there were certain points where I wanted to be like, All right, stop asking questions… we’re already married. It’s not a big deal. But the only person I ended up telling, and it wasn’t until the morning of the main ceremony, was my dad. Just because that certificate thing was becoming well, he needed to know. Thinking he had to sign something and he didn’t. So but other than that, it was a secret until after the fact.

Dub [00:02:30] Wow, I mean that keeping a secret that long, especially from your parents, that’s a big that’s a big deal. I know that, of course, your wife, Taylor, is a big influence on a lot of your music and so are your two little girls Now, Brett, I myself have become a girl dad in the last year. Our baby girl is 11 months old now. Any time that I run into somebody who’s been there, done that, I’m always seeking advice. So you’re a girl, dad, times too. How do I mean? Like, help me out here. Give me some advice to, like, how do we make it as far as, like, what you’ve done so far? Man, What is what’s one of the tips that you would give a fellow girl dad, as far as raising little girls?

Brett Young [00:03:10] Well, first of all, congratulations.

Dub [00:03:11] Thank you, brother.

Brett Young [00:03:13] And to answer your question, just, you know, once you kind of let go and come to grips with the fact that your life is no longer yours. It gets a lot easier. So, yeah, it’s one-time girl. Dad, you know, the house got a little bit pink… Two time girl dad, I feel like I live on a like a pink marshmallow now. I mean, it’s just there’s there’s, there’s Barbies and there’s stuffed animals, and there’s, I mean, it is I live in a female it’s a female run home. And once I got okay with that, it got really easy. But when I when I thought I was going to be able to preserve some sort of some form of like, you know, Tim Allen Home Improvement vibes in the house, it was, but it wasn’t happening. And so once I just kind of let go and, you know, I’m like the honorary for fourth girl in the house.

Dub [00:04:06] The tallest and most masculine girl in the house.

Brett Young [00:04:09] Yeah, I mean, you say that, but not when I’m wearing one of their, you know, princess, what do they call it? Their little princess crowns on my head and getting my nails painted.

Dub [00:04:18] Yeah. Brett, I have but one request. Can you maybe bring that Princess crown with you to Guitar Pull and rock that on stage? It’d be great.

Brett Young [00:04:25] You wish.

Dub [00:04:28] Oh, hey Brett, we cannot wait. We we’re loving this new album, Man Across the Sheets. This thing is great. We can’t wait to hear some of the new music at Guitar Pull. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Augusta, man.

Brett Young [00:04:39] I can’t wait either. Thank you guys so much for putting me back in the in the lineup.

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