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Terry Wyatt / Getty Images

The National Transportation Safety Board has released preliminary results regarding the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Troy Gentry and the helicopter pilot, James Robinson.

The pilot lost control of the aircraft due to engine trouble. More specifically, there was an issue with the engine rpm and throttle inputs.

After reporting the issue to emergency crews, the pilot opted to turn the engine off and hovered in the air in an attempt to wait for first responders to arrive. He had initially planned to land at the airport, however, at some point, the pilot must have felt he needed to land immediately and attempted to slowly lower the aircraft to the ground.

In the midst of slowly descending, there was another issue with the RPM, sending the chopper to the ground at a fast rate.

At the time of the crash, first responders had not arrived at the original dispatched location, but they were notified of the crash.

Once on scene, first responders extricated Gentry from the helicopter and transported him to the hospital.

Sadly, he was pronounced dead a short time later.

An article published on TMZ states Gentry was traveling on the helicopter for fun.

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