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Morgan Wallen performed two songs on Saturday Night Live last night (12/5) after first getting bumped from the show in October for not following COVID protocols and partying at an Alabama college with girls just before his first scheduled SNL appearance back in October.

In addition to performing his two songs on last night’s (12/5) show, Morgan took part in a skit poking fun at the whole incident that got his bumped from the NBC show in October.

In the skit, Morgan is visited by himself in the past one month ago portrayed by SNL host Jason Bateman and then another future version of himself portrayed by SNL cast member Bowen Yang and then Pete Davison who was “just a random dude at the party” in a flannel shirt.

After some banter and Wallen makes the decision to do the right thing, he launches into a song he says he just wrote, called “Focus On The Future.” He then sings, “It’s hard to focus on the future when the presents full of girls / If all you do is kiss all day then you’ll miss out on the world / So let’s all raise a glass up and I’ll thank you in advance / For giving this old southern boy a second Yankee chance. ”

Here are his two performances on the show.

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