Love ’em or hate ’em… Tattoos are more common and less taboo than they used to be.

It used to be that having tattoos made it harder to get a job because they weren’t professional.  Some companies even made you cover them, if you even managed to get the job.

But now, times are changing.  Now, one-third of companies are okay with visible tattoos.  Some companies are somewhere in the middle, where a small tattoo wouldn’t affect their decision to hire you.

I feel like tattoo trends have been a thing for years.  Remember the “tramp stamp,” butterfly tattoos, barbed wired?  Or what about foreign tattoos that should mean one thing, but you learn later on it means something different? Haha.  

Those are just a few I remember when I was younger.

Well, tattoo trends are still somewhat of a thing I guess.  This recent study set out to find the most common tattoo in each state.  Are you ready for this?

Georgia… oh Georgia.  Apparently we’re big fans of… dolphins?  Yep.  Dolphin tatts were trending for Georgia.

And don’t be so quick to laugh, South Carolina! 

The most common tattoo in South Carolina… Clemson tattoos! (Sorry Gamecocks).

The study determined these by using Google Trends.

While tattoos are more acceptable in today’s society– be aware that some choices could still be viewed in a negative light.  Let’s face it… there will always be someone who will judge you- whether it be for what the tattoo is of… or where it’s at on your body! 

I know I’ve seen some… interesting tattoos in my day that do make you wonder.  

Do you have one of the “trending” tattoos for Georgia or South Carolina? Have a tattoo you regret?  Let us know!


Source: Zippia