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Carrie Underwood’s new single “Ghost Story” is now out, and she has released a lyric video of the brand new song just in time for her March run of shows in Las Vegas at Resorts World, which kick off March 23.

Carrie said of the new song, “‘Ghost Story’ is a thrilling, dramatic song. It’s a different take on a revenge song, which is something I love to sing about. Instead of smashing headlights, this scorned lover is letting her ex know that she will continue to haunt him no matter how hard he tries to forget her.”

She added, “I have always loved performing songs that tell a story and inspire some kind of cinematic imagery when you hear them, and that is definitely true of ‘Ghost Story.’ It creates a mood and a vibe that is different than anything else I’ve recorded before.”

The chorus includes the lryics, “I’m gonna be your ghost story / That keeping you up all night memory / I’ll be haunting you, you’ll be wanting me / I’m gonna be your ghost story / Your ghost story / Your ghost story.”

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