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Miranda Lambert has teamed up with Walmart for her Wanda June Home collection, available now exclusively at the retail giant.

Miranda said in a press release, “Wanda June Home is named after the two most influential women in my life, my mom Beverly June Lambert and my grandma Wanda Louise Coker, a.k.a. Nonny. They both taught me everything I know about being a woman and how to make a warm home full of laughter, love, and memories. That’s really the heart of my Wanda June Home brand.”

She added, “The products are a physical representation of a long line of beautiful memories with amazing women. I am thrilled to launch Wanda June Home with Walmart, where my grandpa was a greeter back in the day and where I’ve shopped all my life.”

Beginning today, Wanda June Home will offer more than 80 kitchen, bar, tabletop, and home décor items priced from $12.97 to $170, with most pieces under $30. The inaugural collection is designed to mix, match and collect with tabletop essentials inspired by Lambert’s own Southwestern retro farm kitchen.

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