Good food in the KICKS Diner

KICKS 99’s Guitar Pull is November 15th this year and we are in full guitar pull mode around here.  Here’s what happens backstage day of the show!

Early Morning

The sound crew and the KICKS Road Krew get to the James Brown Arena early… around 8 AM on guitar pull day. We start getting the backstage studio set up to broadcast during the day as the sound crew starts loading in tons of equipment. It usually takes them about 6 hours to get everything ready for sound check.

Some artists come in for sound check and some just let their guitar player do it. Each artist is designated a certain place on stage and their sound is locked in for that position.

Set Up and Goodie Bags

Meanwhile, the KICKS Road Krew started putting the KICKS Souvenir bags full of cool stuff on the back of each seat two days earlier on Saturday. That is a 2 or 3-day job. Every seat gets a bag!

Everyone has to eat and Wifesaver starts setting up the KICKS Diner for workers around 11 AM.  Shout out to Wifesaver!

French Market Grille West takes over for dinner and feeds the artists and the crew. Always a great meal!

Almost Show Time

Usually, by 4 PM, we feel good about everything and can relax a bit before doors open. Many of us go home and get ready for the evening after getting to the venue early that morning.

Guitar Pull stars start coming in around 6 PM and many hang in their dressing rooms or backstage and talk to fellow artists they don’t see much or have just met. This is the cool thing about country music… all of the artists are really cool and very friendly.

7:15 PM is stage call and all of the staff and artists are at stage left ready to be introduced… fans are in their seats and after everyone at KICKS who has worked on this show for months, can finally relax (somewhat) and enjoy the show.

Thanks to you, KICKS 99 fans for always selling out guitar pull and listening to KICKS 99! See you November 15th for another big one!