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When I interviewed Little Big Town last week about their new album Mr. Sun, which comes out on Friday (9/16), I suggested that I felt their friend Miranda Lambert might win the 2022 CMA Entertainer of the Year honor when the show airs in November.

The group agreed. Karen Fairchild said, “I hope so; you know you talk about somebody who invests in every aspect of her career from her relationship with her fans to the songwriting community and how deeply she cares about songs.” Jimi Westbrook added, “Yeah, she deserves it.”

Karen says she’s looking forward to Miranda’s Las Vegas Residency which kicks off in a few weeks, “I’m gonna try and hit one of the Vegas shows; I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna do at the residency. She’s always evolving, and she’s the real deal, and it would be so nice to see her take that [award] home.”

Having just toured with Lambert, Kimberly Schlapman explained that during the concerts they did with her, they did a set, she did a set and they all did a set together, but there was just one more surprise for concert fans. She explained, “My favorite part of the night, was when we would come up onto the stage, we would be in the dark, and we would up onto the risers, and then we come behind her as she was singing ‘Tin Man’ and we would get so excited by the fact that we would get to sing with her.”

She added, “The crowd would kinda realize what was going on when they saw us in the background. It was just magic and some of our favorite moments ever on stage together.”

Little Big Town paid tribute to Lambert when she received the Triple Crown Award from the ACM Honors, which aired last night (9/13) on Fox, performing “The House That Built Me.” All four group members recalled that night a few weeks back, stating they were all quite nervous about performing Miranda’s big hit. Jimi quipped, “I’m glad we didn’t mess that up.”

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