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Keith Urban was happy to get out to tour for fans, and this summer, he got to share his joy with his family. He took his wife and two daughters on the road with him for many of the shows.

In a recent interview, Keith said about his girls on the road, “They’ve been out, I’ve been taking them out at different times individually, and it’s been great to have them out on the bus. They love the bus, and I would too at that age. Just the idea of traveling and sleeping in the bunks. But it’s been nice having them out there.”

After a few years of the pandemic, Urban could not wait to get back out to perform for his fans. He offered, “We’ve been waiting and waiting! I live for it.” It’s been four years since he has toured; he noted, “Yeah, 2018. The proper big tour, not since Graffiti U. We’ve always been ready to go. It’s been the rules and regulations. That’s been the waiting game. The interaction with the fans is the thing I live for. I’m very tactile; I like hugging people and shaking hands. Not being able to do that was very strange.”

Keith loves to go out in the audience each night and was asked if he had any misgivings since there are still a few health concerns. He said, “The fact that it’s outdoors helps. The fact that I move quickly in the audience helps. But I love being out in the crowd, and it was hard to not do that. I was anxious to get out in the summer sheds.”

He added, “We’ve been lucky to get to do that on this tour, and knock on wood, we get to keep doing that.”

Urban also hinted at a new album in the works. Keith explained, “‘Wild Hearts’ is the first single, ‘Brown Eyes Baby’ is the second single. There’s somewhat of a thematic creative context that I started to find songs coming toward what will be this next project. That’s somewhat of the common thread that’s coming in this next album.”

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