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The new trailer for Yellowstone season five is out, and it is explosive. The trailer shows that John Dutton, Kevin Costner’s character, becomes Governor of Montana. His daughter, the ruthless Beth (played by Kelly Reilly), is taking a high position in his cabinet. 

The Hollywood Reporter says in its trailer review, “John’s new job does not mean, however, that Yellowstone is turning into ‘The West Wing: Montana.’ The trailer highlights the infighting, power plays, and family drama for which the show is known and loved by more viewers than any series on cable.”

Standout moments include John firing most of the governor’s staff and installing Beth as his chief of staff.

While they only showed a quick clip of a band, season five of Yellowstone also features the acting skills of country star Lainey Wilson. She is the CMA most nominated artist with six nominations, including Album of the Year for Sayin’ What I’m Thinkn’ and Female Vocalist of the Year. 

Lainey spent the summer filming Yellowstone. On the ACM Honors Red Carpet in August, she said, “We’ve been on set all summer; we have been out there in Montana. If it was up to me, I’d just stay in Montana; I’m like, ‘Can I just fly out of here and go to the shows?’ But everybody, the whole cast, and crew, everybody’s been so great and has just made me feel welcome. I’m getting to learn from the best. It’s truly just a blessing for me to have this opportunity, for me to share more of my music with the world.” 

Costner spoke to People about the show earlier this year. He offered, “I’ve always believed a good Western isn’t always just rushing towards its gunfight. If you can create language and situations, and then you end up at a gunfight, I think it can be an amazing movie or TV show. But I think if you’re trying to get there so fast that you don’t understand the people, or it’s not complicated, then it’s a problem.”

He added, “Most Westerns aren’t very good because they reduce themselves to the black hat and the white hat. But when they’re done well, you are kind of haunted by how you can measure yourself to wonder, Were you tough enough to make it? You were forced into decisions every day in the West which were kind of, ‘Wow.'”

The fifth and final season of Yellowstone returns to with two new episodes on November 13.

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