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Kelsea Ballerini says that when she tweeted in February of 2021 about Morgan Wallen, who was caught on film yelling a racial slur, the reaction from fans on Twitter was swift and harsh.

“The news out of Nashville tonight does not represent country music,” she wrote. The reaction was quick, and the tweet got almost 700 comments, many of them supported her, but some did not and got angry about it. Most replies said that she was “wrong” about it not representing country music.

Kelsea told Yahoo Music of the new song on her album called “Doin’ My Best,” which addresses her tweet with lyrics that note that she got her “a– kicked on Twitter,” “Honestly, I haven’t had Twitter since, and it was a good lesson for me. I think I’m a chronic people-pleaser, and being an artist and a public person, I’ve really had to learn how to stand up for things that I believe in. But sometimes, when you’re doing that, you’re going to stumble, and you’re going to do it wrong.”

She added, “And, you know, I didn’t do it all the way right. … I think that the intention is one thing, but I think the rebuttal to [that Wallen tweet] was my not acknowledging the systematic racism that has occurred — which I fully understand. I stepped back; I listened, I learned … I got my a– kicked, and I learned a lot from it. And I take ownership of that fully.”

Ballerini is glad she left Twitter, saying, “And I also do not miss Twitter literally at all!”

Being less active on social media has helped Kelsea focus more on her mental health. She offered, “I honestly think it was after that incident that I kind of realized that I had a choice. It was like, ‘Do I just shut up and just post the pretty parts of my life, and just not open myself up to this anymore?’ Because I’m really sensitive and I feel it all, and I think that’s what makes me good at my job. Or, ‘Do I work on myself personally in therapy… and stay open and find the tools?'”


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