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Before she opened up her “Reba’s Place” restaurant and event venue in Atoka, Oklahoma, yesterday (1/26), Reba took questions from the media. At one point in the press conference, Reba started to choke up.

Reba explained, the third-floor houses some of her mother Jacqueline’s books, “When mama passed away in March of 2020, I was going on tour. I was getting ready to go on tour, and Suzy called me and said, ‘She’s gone on.’ So we came back in March to pick out everything for the funeral, and someone said, ‘You’re not gonna have a funeral because of this COVID’s hit.’ And I said, ‘What’s COVID?’ It changed everything, so the tour is off, so I stayed, and Suzy and I… (she sees her brother Pake in the crowd) I just saw Pake, and that didn’t help. Sorry, Pake, that’s my brother.”

Reba continued, “Suzy and I started cleaning out mama and daddy’s house, and she did the bookkeeping stuff, and I did the books. We wanted to do a library for mama, and it didn’t work out, and we couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work out.” She catches her breath and says in tears, “I tell you, God’s got the cutest ways of making things work out. It’s on the third floor, and it’s most of mama’s books. I was looking at them, and I knew what room that book was in because I boxed them all up. It’s really a special room, and when you walk up and see it, I hope you feel what I felt; mama’s up there so just have a seat and grab you a book.”

Located in southeastern Oklahoma, “Reba’s Place” offers a multi-story restaurant, bar, retail, and entertainment venue. Constructed in a century-old Masonic Temple, the three-story, 13,284-square-foot venue features a dining space accommodating 250 people, a stage, and a mercantile.

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