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Shania Twain has something on her new album Queen of Me that has never been on a Shania Twain album before: a parental advisory for explicit content. One song on the album, “Pretty Lair,” features the f-bomb in the chorus.

The song about a lying partner sings in the chorus, “‘Cause your pants are on fire (your pants are on fire) You’re such a f—ing liar (such a f—ing liar) / (Liar) Another level higher, your pants are on fire / Lie, lie, lie, la-lie / Lie, lie, lie, la-lie / Lie, lie, lie, la-lie.”

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, Corden pointed out the sticker on the album cover. He said, “I was shocked to see there is a… which I never thought I’d seen a Shania Twain album, a parental advisory for explicit content, which is a first for you; what’s this about?” Shania responds, “I’m not really sure what the f— you mean by that.” The audience roars with laughter, and Corden says, “I love it and then starts to sing one of Twain’s big hits singing ‘Still the one I f—ing run to.” She says, ‘Okay, that could be a really fun version.” He inserts the f-bomb into a few more of her songs and says, “Now you have to go through your whole back catalog inserting F-bombs all over it.” James says, ‘Shania F—ing Twain” and she laughs, “Yeah, I like that one.”

Corden also asked her about creating the Queen of Me album, and she noted, “This is my celebration album. I am celebrating happiness and joy and taking control of your own mood and your own spirit. I wrote the album during COVID, and it was just such a hectic time for all of us, but I said, ‘Okay, write some songs right now that change your frame of mind. Write songs that make you want to dance and songs that make you happy and want to celebrate. Take charge of your own mood.”

You can see that interview here.

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