Tee Gentry


More peaches

It’s that time of the year! Produce stands are opening all over South Carolina. Close to home for us in North Auugsuta-Edgefield area, we have plenty to choose from. Finally, we’ll have local peaches, tomatoes, and God Bless America pour some salt on it watermelon (my favorite….can you tell?) South Carolina produce stands open For The Season.

White Bread and A Local Tomato

This is buying local at its finest. Supporting farmers is always a great thing, and let’s face it….you can’t make a good tomato sandwich without a local tomato; I’ve tried. My recipe- White bread, local tomato, Duke’s Mayonnaise, salt, and pepper.

Big Boy Pro Tip: To ensure the tomato sandwich tastes the best, it must be eaten on the back porch in a rocking chair with a glass of mom’s sweet tea. (you’re welcome)


Sara’s Roadside Market is opening their Trenton location (Highway 25 ) May 18th and their  Aiken location ( 2601 Columbia Hwy N, Aiken) May 26th. Cook’s Roadside Market is open now (1236 Augusta Rd, Trenton). Also, Jackie’s (Highway 25) in Trenton is now open.

Tomato Pie

I’ve heard a tomato pie is one of the best ways to enjoy some fresh, local tomatoes. I’ve never had one, but I may try it this year. Have you had one? Here’s a recipe.

Happy Spring!