Caitlin Clark Is One Of One

"You break it, you own it," the Nike slogan has read for a few weeks now. It features one of the most inspiring athletes of this generation, sporting the number 22, and with arms raised in the air. Yesterday, Caitlin Clark broke the all-time NCAA college basketball scoring record. However, this accomplishment is much more than that. The ripple effect this of this Iowa stars accomplishments is beautifully taking over the sports world. When Clark nailed that logo three-pointer in mid-February to grab the all-time NCAA women's scoring record, she did so in dramatic fashion. The arena erupted, the game paused, and celebrations ensued. Breaking "Pistol" Pete Maravich's NCAA Division I scoring record was a huge moment. Clark drained a free throw to now own this record, that many thought would hold forever. Though it was without drama and without excess "show." It featured a focused and humbled Clark who was simply doing her job. If you think about the routine of a foul shot in the game of basketball, it's something that is practiced routinely. No matter if you are at the highest level of basketball or just picking up the Spalding, one of the first things you will work on, is standing at the stripe and making that free thrown. It's simple, yet consistently challenging. Why? Because it's just you vs. you. For Clark, it was drastically different from making a signature three-pointer from another universe. It was #22 standing alone at the same line that young players across the world stand at practice. The Art Of Caitlin Clark Is Just Beginning "I’m just proud of our girls," Clark said. “It was a fun, dominant win for us. I thought we played really well,” Clark said in a post-game interview via NBC. Now, we are seeing young athletes (some of whom don't even play basketball) doing everything they can to wear the #22. Furthermore, we are not just seeing them run outside and launch half-court shots. As a coach, I'm seeing young athletes see first-hand what it takes behind the scenes. For example, being a good teammate, and doing those ten extra pushups when nobody is watching, are understood as important success factors. So that when your time comes to be on the foul line alone, and literally ever eye is one you, your calm and simply make the shot. What's Next? Caitlin Clark announced she will enter the WNBA Draft this year. The Indiana Fever has the first pick. They are already selling out tickets for next season. Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes still have work to do with the NCAA tournament ahead. Many believe Iowa is not the favorite to win it all. Yet, now with this incredible record in the rear view, it's will be hard to count #22 out. Over the next few weeks, we'll see Clark and company on many national networks. Aside from her thrilling game, you will also notice Clark sign every shoe, t-shirt, or poster that comes her way while she's walking off the court. Regardless of what else happens this season, #22 will be known for capturing that scoring record, but as we continue to see this story unfold, that is just part of what makes Caitlin Clark one of one. [select-listicle listicle_id="660901" syndication_name="5-life-lessons-from-coaching-youth-sports" description="yes"]

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