This runner is out in Wyoming, and noticed that he’s being followed by a BEAR!

A Run in Grand Teton National Park

First of all, you have to give this guy props for running out in the snow.  That takes dedication.  BUT, once you notice the bear, wouldn’t you high tail it outta there?

Not this guy!  He decides to video the experience– telling the bear “NO, I’m not your food!”  He also shows the camera that he has his bear spray.  In Georgia/South Carolina, do we even have bear spray?!  The whole video goes on for three minutes!  See it below!

So the guy is running in Grand Teton National Park when he sees the cinnamon-colored black bear.  The guy says he’s used to seeing bears while on his runs… but this is the first time one has been “interested” in him.

You can see the bear continuing to come towards him, and the guy continues to shout and flash his can of bear spray.  While he did have the spray, thankfully the bear never came close enough for him to have to use it.  He says the bear never came within 20 yards of him.

Bear Knowledge!

Evidently, this guy has educated himself on how to handle bear encounters.  He says he didn’t run because if the bear was hungry, and thought he was prey, he would’ve been in trouble.  He said to show the bear he was NOT prey, he stood his ground and then backed away slowly.

The guy also notes that he did not play dead.  Doing this if it’s a mother bear with cubs, could save your life if she feels the “threat” is over.  But with a lone bear, if they’re hungry and interested in you, they see you as an easy target!

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Can you imagine having this type of encounter with a wild animal?  What would you do?


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