I have to admit, I love this idea for a new shopping trend post-pandemic!

According to a new survey, a majority of Americans want to support more small businesses this year! What a great New Year’s resolution!

The survey found since March 2020 when the pandemic began, more people made it a point to shop locally with small businesses.

Three in five people believe small businesses have advantages over larger big-box stores. And, many say they are able to find items at small businesses that they struggle to find in larger stores.

The survey reveals a majority of Gen-Z and Millennials couldn’t care less about stepping into a chain store ever again.

So what makes small businesses more appealing?

They usually have more interesting items for sale- things you won’t see at big box stores.  And they usually have a great atmosphere too!

Shopping small businesses can have its difficulties.  Things like limited hours and product availability can be a hassle.  Some respondents say it’s hard to find new small businesses.  On top of that, shipping costs when shopping small online can be higher.

The pandemic was hard on everyone, including many small businesses.  Many of those businesses struggled to remain open.  And others thrived by innovating new ways of business.

Just remember, when you shop locally, you’re supporting someone’s dream.  Something they are very passionate about.  There’s also usually better customer service and hospitality too.

And a little tip for small business owners? The survey found 68% of people would shop more from small businesses if they have online ordering options.

What do local shoppers hope to see more of post-pandemic?

  • Contactless payment options 37%
  • Curbside pickup 37%
  • Online stores 37%
  • Self-checkout 34%
  • Virtual/digital loyalty cards 30%
  • Mobile apps 30%
  • Ordering ahead online 26%
  • QR code menus 23%

Source: talker

During the holidays, we had our Keepin’ It Local Holiday Gift Guide that featured many great local businesses.  In fact, there are so many great ones around the CSRA! Which are your favorites?