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Maren Morris posted a rustic black and white video of herself playing the 2007 Patty Griffin song “Up To The Mountain (MLK song)” on Twitter to honor Queen Elizabeth, who passed away at age 96 on September 8.

Maren sat down at the piano in her basement and, without saying a word started to sing the song’s lyrics, “I went up to the mountain / Because you asked me to / Up over the clouds / To where the sky was blue / I could see all around me / Everywhere / I could see all around me / Everywhere / Sometimes I feel like / I’ve never been nothing but tired / And I’ll be walking / Till the day I expire / Sometimes I lay down / No more can I do / But then I go on again / Because you ask me to / Some days I look down / Afraid I will fall / And though the sun shines / I see nothing at all / Then I hear your / sweet voice, oh / Oh, come and then go, come and then go / Telling me softly / You love me so.”

The song, written by Griffin, was inspired by Martin Luther King’s last speech. Patty is a vocalist and plays guitar and piano, known for her stripped-down songwriting style in the folk music genre. Numerous musicians have covered her songs, including Emmylou Harris, Ellis Paul, Kelly Clarkson, Sugarland, Bette Midler, and The Chicks.

Maren captioned the video on Twitter, “Up to the mountain, Queen. Crown emoji @PattyGMusic (yes, I’m calling the piano tuner after this).”

Several fans commented on the touching post, including one who wrote, “This is so beautiful.” Another fan wrote, “You sing like my Angel, feel it, and let it out, my love.” One more fan commented, “A beautiful tribute. I’m sure HM would have loved it. The piano sounds fine but I’m sure your ear is better than mine.”

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