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Dub’s Throwback Thursday is throwing it back to Guitar Pull 2003 this week. We’re going back almost twenty years here. Last week I was doing a Guitar Pull ticket stop at Custom Pharmacy in North Augusta. They’re located behind the old Kicks99 studio building in North Augusta. Seeing that building brought back a ton of memories for me, including the day these pictures were taken.

It was the 2003 Guitar Pull, which was only my second one. I was still in high school, which I’m sure you can tell when you see the pictures. Back in the old days we’d have some of the Guitar Pull stars stop by the studio the morning of the show to be on The Kicks Wake Up Krew. In 2003, Rascal Flatts and Tracy Byrd were the big artists on Guitar Pull. They stopped by our studio first thing in the morning.

My mom actually let me stay out of school that day so I could go up and see them before Guitar Pull that night. I’ve been blessed enough to have a ton of Guitar Pull memories over the last 20 years. Some of my favorites were at that old building in North Augusta.

Check out these pics.

Dub's Throwback Thursday- Guitar Pull 2003

Dub's Throwback Thursday- Guitar Pull 2003

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These are some of the songs that Kicks Country heard at Guitar Pull 2003

Tracy Byrd “Watermelon Crawl”

Rascal Flatts “These Days”