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During Garth Brooks’ weekly Studio G chat online with fans on Monday (2/13), he and Trisha Yearwood revealed that in 2023 their long-awaited album of duets would be released. One viewer asked if the pair might consider releasing or working on a long-awaited album of duets as part of what’s shaping up to be a busy year for both of them. Trisha asked, “Want to?” Garth answered, “Well, I, of course, want to…but…” prompting Trisha to ask, “But?” That’s when they subtly shared news many have waited years to hear. Brooks said, “There’s already a duet record coming out this year!” Yearwood verified, “That’s true!”

The couple, married for 16 years, has lent vocals to each other’s songs since the earliest days of their recording careers. The couple has collaborated on duets already, including 1997’s “In Another’s Eyes” and more recent duets, 2020’s “Shallow” and 2019’s “Whiskey to Wine” and “What Gave Me Away.”

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Brooks told fans in January that 2023 will be his busiest year. It’s a big statement coming from a guy who’s filled many years of his life on the road and in the studio. He added, “There are going to be so many things happening this year.”

We already know this year will find him embarking on his first-of-its-kind Las Vegas residency, “Garth Brooks/Plus ONE.” Later in the year, he and Trisha Yearwood are committed to a Habitat for Humanity building project on behalf of former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. But what else does he have on tap? He does have his new downtown Nashville entertainment venue, Friends in Low Places. Brooks laughs, “This year, we get to open up, I hope.”

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