The current World’s Oldest Living Dog lives in South Carolina!

A Dog’s Life

Dog owners know when they get a dog, their lifespan isn’t always very long.  Depending on the breed of dog, some tend to live longer than others.  But Bobby and Julie Gregory in Taylors, South Carolina, had no idea when they brought home Pebbles, she would still be here over two decades later!

Pebbles, a Toy Fox Terrier, was born in March 2000. She weighed in at 4 pounds. She is now over 22 years old, which is an extremely long time for any dog!

Guinness World Records

You may have heard of TobyKeith.  He was thought to be the oldest dog living, but when the Gregorys heard, they knew Pebbles beat that record! That’s when they decided to submit the paperwork.

And now she holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest living dog!

Pebbles’ Life

According to her mom, Pebbles has been the queen of the household since they brought her home.  It was also instant love when Pebbles met her dad, Bobby. She would run alongside him anytime he came by.  And while she’s tiny, they say she has a larger-than-life personality to make up for it!

Pebbles loves the attention her family showers her with, and enjoys scratches and snuggles.  She can be a little grumpy when woken up… but who can blame her?

Another fun fact about Pebbles?

She loves country music! Apparently Conway Twitty and Dwight Yokum are her favorites. She’ll listen to music and snooze all day, and then tends to stay up all night.

At one point, Pebbles had a “husband,” Rocky, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 16.  They had 3 liters of puppies together for a total of 24 puppies, before Rocky got fixed.

Pebbles seems like quite the agreeable pup.  She is a fan of warm weather, and loves to sit on the steps of the family pool to soak up some rays.

At one point, she was put on a special diet, which consists of cat food.  The cat food has a higher meat-based protein than dog food.  And while she doesn’t get table food often, occasionally she’ll get some steak or chicken.

How Did She Celebrate Her 22nd Birthday?

Remember how her mom said she’s the queen of the household?  Her 22nd birthday was no different.  Pebbles celebrated with a stack of ribs… and a nice, warm bubble bath!  While she has some age-related symptoms, overall, Pebbles is said to be in great health.

What’s the Secret?

There’s no denying that we wish dogs could live longer!  They are the best loyal companions and givers of unconditional love.  Julie, Pebbles’ mom, recommends giving your pup plenty of love, attention and food.  And “Treat them like family, because they are.”

SOURCE: Guinness World Records

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