An 80 year old Grovetown woman was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot at Augusta Mall Tuesday afternoon.  Richmond County authorities were called just after 3:00 p.m. after the incident occurred in Macy’s parking lot on the upper level.

The victim told deputies a black male approached her, pointed a gun at her and said he would shoot.  He grabbed her purse which contained a cell phone and wallet.  She also told deputies he struck her in the head with the gun when she attempted to fight back.

A deputy says he spotted a black male running through the parking lot, running toward what appeared to be a disabled vehicle.  He was carrying a red bag. He had a thin build and was wearing a black shirt and tan pants

Parking lot video revealed the suspect got into a tan and silver sedan with the front hub caps missing.  There was no state license plate.  The suspect left the parking lot, headed toward Wrightsboro Road.  He is still being sought.

The victim is undergoing treatment for her head injury.