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This past weekend my wife and I had our second baby shower. We were so blessed that our families and closest friends came to celebrate Baby Maddie along with us. As I’m sure most of you know, baby showers mean baby shower games. We had no idea what these games would be ahead of time, but we found out quickly. There was a game where a lot of us guys chugged beer from a baby bottle. Another game had every guess how big Kelsey’s belly was by wrapping a ribbon around her. However, I think everyone’s favorite game was the blindfolded diaper changing contest.

My wife and I were each given a fully clothed baby doll. We were then blindfolded and had to undress the baby, change the diaper and then dress the baby back up. I figured I had this in the back, I’d been through Jess’ “Daddy Boot Camp”. One of the “Daddy Boot Camp” challenges was changing a diaper. There were a few changes this time. I was blindfolded and there were clothes involved (last time I changed a diaper on a stuffed unicorn).

Everyone who was there, or who has seen this video says it shows a lot about our personalities. I think, at least I hope Madelyn’s actual diaper changes won’t be anything like this. Check out all of the action and mayhem for yourself.


Also if you missed the last time I changed a diaper during “Daddy Boot Camp” episode 1, here it is.

Daddy Boot Camp Episode 1