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Finally! The secret to getting a baby to stop crying has been discovered. As a parent to be, I paid close attention when I saw this article on EurekAlert. According to the article, a team in Japan tried this method on 20 different infants. The scientists tracked the babies heart rates to see how long it took them to calm down. They said that the method takes about 10 minutes to work, and has only two steps to remember.

Here they are, you ready?

Step One:  Carry them around for five minutes.  It’ll start to slow their heart rate within 30 seconds.  And it calms them down even better than rocking them does.


Step Two:  Sit down and hold them for another five to eight minutes.  Be patient, or they might wake up.  Waiting at least five minutes gives you the best chance of them staying asleep when you lay them back down.

I’m going to memorize this method for when my daughter Madelyn is born in a few weeks. This method will come in handy on more than one occasion I’m sure. If you’re a parent with an infant, give this a try. Or if you’re a parent to be, like my wife and I, take a screen shot and save this for when your baby won’t stop crying at 2am.

You’re welcome, hope this works. Another thing that I’ve loved sharing with y’all is the letter I wrote for my daughter, if you haven’t heard it yet you can here.

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