Part of Dub’s Guitar Pull Memories, I’ll take you back to some of my favorite moments from the last 20 years. This year marks my 20th Kicks99 Guitar Pull. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced a ton of memories from Guitar Pull over the years. Every week leading up to Guitar Pull 2022, I will spotlight a different year and share my memories from that year with you. This year we’re starting with my first Guitar Pull in 2002.

Guitar Pull was still at The Bell Auditorium at that time. Our lineup for 2002 was Lonestar, Trace Adkins, Mark Chestnut, Blake Shelton, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and Cyndi Thompson. Here is what I remember most from Guitar Pull 2002.


Here are a few of the songs that were performed that night

Lonestar “I’m Already There”.

Blake Shelton “Ol’ Red”.

Trace Adkins “I Left Something Turned On At Home”.

If you need more info on this year’s Kicks 99 Guitar Pull check it out here. And check back soon for more of Dub’s Guitar Pull Memories throughout the years!