With Guitar Pull 2022 two weeks away, let’s look back at more of Dub’s Guitar Pull Memories. Let’s look back on what was probably the biggest Kicks99 Guitar Pull ever! Several months before we announced the 2019 Guitar Pull, we knew we had Luke Combs locked in. Luke Combs was the hottest artist in country music at the time. But the other Luke came calling, Luke Bryan!

Luke Bryan had done our Guitar Pull in 2008 and in 2012, and was ready to do it again! So we had Luke Bryan and Luke Combs on the same show! Riley Green, Rodney Atkins and Runaway June were also on the show. There was not a radio station in America that had Luke Bryan and Luke Combs on the same show. Whether they actually acknowledged it or not, there was a little game of one ups man-ship going on between Luke and Luke.

Luke Bryan would sing a huge hit song, and then Luke Combs would follow it with a huge hit. The winner in all of it was Kicks Country. It’s a night none of us will forget.

Another thing I remember about Guitar Pull 2019 is the way we announced the line up. We did it in front of an audience at our Waffle House Tour. We announced three artists at one Waffle House Tour stop, and then announced the other two the next week. I definitely think that 2019 was the biggest Guitar Pull ever, and I bet a lot of people who were there would say the same thing.

Here are Dub’s Guitar Pull Memories for 2019

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