As a dog lover and a runner, I was so sad to see this news.  Now I’ve never run a full marathon or been to Boston.  But I have read stories about this sweet pup.  The famous Boston Marathon dog passed away after a battle with cancer.

Spencer – Famous Boston Marathon Dog

Spencer was a 13-year-old Golden Retriever who was well known for cheering on runners during the Boston Marathon each year.  On Tuesday, Spencer’s owner, Rich Power, made the announcement that Spencer had passed away at their home last Friday.

Powers shared on social media, saying that Spencer overcame “some severe medical challenges over the past several years.”  And he added they thought they would be lucky to have an extra month with him.

Spencer Cheers On Runner For 9 Years

Spencer was gifted to Powers back in 2009, and his cancer diagnosis came in September 2022.  During his life, Spencer cheered on runners of the Boston Marathon from his usual spot for a total of 9 years.  And the runners always showed him so much love. Powers feels the outpouring of love gave Spencer so many reason for not giving up during his medical challenges.

Spencer’s rise to fame came in 2018, when a photo of him holding a “Boston Strong” flag went viral. And just last year, the Boston Athletic Association named Spencer the official dog of the marathon.  They even honored him with a portrait and medal.

Raising Funds For Research

In honor of Spencer’s life, his owners ask fans to donate to a fundraiser to help the Morris Animal Foundation Gold Retriever Lifetime Study.  This study focuses on canine health studies in the U.S.  The goal is to identify risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs.

Boston Marathon’s Tribute

Spencer, your spirit and determination inspired us all. We'll miss you, and are proud to call you a friend and forever the Official Dog of the Boston Marathon.💙💛

Posted by Boston Marathon on Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Memorial Video

Here’s a memorial video that Spencer’s owner put together… Rest in peace, sweet boy.