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What will you find on Dub’s playlist this week? I’m going with some old school Brantley Gilbert. How old school are we talking? We’re talking his first album. Before Brantley had a beard. We’re going all the way back to 2009. I actually think this album came out earlier than that. 2009 is when Brantley’s debut album was released by a record label, but this song was probably around a few years before that.

A lot of us in Kicks Country will remember Brantley playing around here a lot back in the day. Brantley played at Coyotes and The Country Club, and it was always packed! If Brantley was in town, and you could be there, you were there. It didn’t matter where he played, you got a ticket and you went. I can’t tell you how many times me and my buddies packed into The Country Club to see Brantley.

It was really cool to see Brantley start in the clubs and then move to selling out the James Brown Arena on a couple of different occasions. He’s come by the station numerous times and played new music and to hang out with our listeners. Therefore, Brantley Gilbert finds his way on Dub’s playlist this week.

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This song was on Brantley’s debut album “Modern Day Prodigal Son”. Its called “Best Of Me”

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