When it comes to chicken wings, which do you prefer: bone-in or boneless? Honestly, I just like chicken wings… so I’ll take them either way.  There’s definitely some difference between the two.  Bone-in wings are often cooked a few different ways: fried, grilled, smoked, etc.  Of the boneless wings I’ve enjoyed, they are usually fried.

Lawsuit Over “Boneless Wings”

But I have to ask… when you think “boneless wings,” do you actually believe you’re getting a chicken wing that’s had the bone removed? I ask because there’s a man in Chicago who is filing a class-action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings.  He claims they have falsely advertised boneless wings, because to him, they are nothing more than chicken nuggets.

He’s saying the name and description is misleading, and “leads reasonable consumers to believe the Products are actually chicken wings.” The man seems to think customers believe the wings to be deboned chicken wing meat.  In reality, it’s more like chicken breast pieced deep fried like chicken wings.  This makes them more like chicken nuggets versus wings.

When WGN in Chicago asked Buffalo Wild Wing for a comment, the company tweeted this:

The man purchased “boneless wings” from Buffalo Wild Wings back in January and was disappointed, saying he would not have purchased or would have paid less for them.

He did point out that other companies sell similar products, but do not call them “wings.”  For example, Papa Johns sells “Chicken Poppers,” and Domino’s simply calls it “boneless chicken.”

My Thoughts: Chicken Wings – Bone-In or Boneless

I have never once thought about the fact that “boneless wings” were supposed to be chicken wing meat.  When I order boneless wings, I know what to expect.  And I don’t mind.  I’ve also never been one to be picky over white or dark meat when it comes to my chicken, so maybe that’s why?

Either way, I love wings in any form.  I guess I should just say I love chicken though!  And when  it comes down to how I like my wings? Bone-In or Boneless, I like them with lots of buffalo sauce!  I definitely like ’em spicy.

Which reminds me… Spring Wing Fest is coming up this Saturday, March 18th at SRP Park!  Make sure to grab your tickets and join us for some delicious wings – although I don’t know if they’ll be bone-in, boneless, or more like chicken nuggets!

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