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Beer flavored popsicles are now a thing! It sounds awesome, but is it really? Lets unpack this a little more. According to Food & Wine, the folks over at Coors Light have released the popsicles to coincide with March Madness. I know you’re probably thinking you can get your hands on these and get a little buzz from eating them right? Wrong!

They are beer flavored, but they don’t contain any alcohol. Well then whats the point?! I mean yeah beer tastes great, but I don’t think I want it in my popsicles. I eat popsicles because I like the flavor, and we all know why we drink beer, I don’t know if I want to mix the two.

So here are all of the details. The popsicles are being called “Coors-icles,” and they’re available at more than 800 bars throughout the country, or you can order a six-pack through Coors Light’s online store. A six pack will cost you $20. They’re only releasing “a limited number” of them every day, and even though they’re non-alcoholic, you do have to be 21 to order. I’m guessing because you have to order them from a beer website.

Heres what they look like.

You could win some too by going here.

As intriguing as these sound, I think I’ll stick with eating my popsicles and drink my beer separately. Of course I would try one though, just to say I did.

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