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Gummy Mac N Cheese, Hot Dogs, And Pickles – Dub and Cody’s Taste Test

This morning we did a gummy candy taste test. We did it for y'all! Cody and I like to taste these new snacks first that way we can tell you what's good, and what's not. We don't want y'all to waste your money on nasty snacks. So what did these new gummies taste like? Don't worry we did a video with our reactions. Yesterday on the show we talked about these new Kraft Heinz gummy candies. They are gummy versions of Kraft Mac and Cheese, Oscar Mayer hotdogs, and Claussen pickles. If you missed us talking about them, you can check out more info here. Shout out to Hannah, she brought Cody these gummies yesterday at her ticket stop. She said that she found these at Walmart. This is the variety pack that contains the gummy Mac and cheese, the gummy hot dogs and the gummy pickles. So we are going to get to try all three. If I'm being honest, I was most excited about the gummy hot dog. Cody and I love gummy candies, we've made that no secret, so we were super excited to try these. By the way if you want to check out more about these Kraft Heinz gummies, you can read more about them here. Here is our gummy candy taste test video. https://vimeo.com/868263238?share=copy [select-listicle listicle_id="339380" syndication_name="what-are-the-best-road-trip-snacks" description="yes"]    

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