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CAMBRIDGE, MA - JUNE 4: Actor Will Ferrell, of Saturday Night Live and the recent movie "Old School", gives graduating Harvard students a laugh as he funnels a beer during the Class Day ceremonies at Harvard University June 4, 2003 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ferrell delivered the Class Day commencement speech where he parodied President Bush among others. (Photo by Douglas McFadd/Getty Images)

If there is one thing we know, the folks at Kicks 99 know how to goof off at work.  A recent study showed that Americans waste about 18 weeks a year goofing off at work.  Now, we know that you would never do anything to goof off at work, Right?

Here Is How We Kill  The Most Time At Work:

  •     Lounging at the water fountain or coffee pot
  •     Hiding in the restroom
  •     Gossiping about co-workers
  •     Complaining about the boss
  •     Making personal calls on company time
  •     Daydreaming
  •     Flirting
  •     Surfing the web/Tik Tock
  •     Texting friends
  •     Making Dinner Plans

Now please keep in mind we get paid here at Kicks 99 to do all of the above, so we were not a part of the study.  I know our bosses are looking at this and we’ll be in a meeting before the day is over!

Reasons People Said Why They Goof Off At Work

  • Bored
  • Just wasn’t in work mode that day
  • sleepy
  • They wouldn’t get caught
  • Co-workers gathering around
  • Don’t get paid enough so I can goof off
  • They deserve an extra break

18 weeks a year goofing off, that’s not weekends, vacation or personal time off, that’s 18 weeks of your work year, we spend goofing off at work.  I’m just glad that all of us here at Kicks 99 aren’t the only ones who do this, I mean we don’t do this!

The Folks At Kicks 99 Knows How To Goof Off At Work, and here comes the proof.  Now keep in mind everyone of these pictures and every person in them, were on company time and of these are listed above.  If I’m not on Kicks 99 tomorrow, you’ll know why!