Kicks Christmas Wish

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season! #Kicks99SpreadingCheer

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Three:

Kacey Rhodes of Richmond County


Her Story:

Kacey Rhodes is the strongest young lady I have ever met in my entire life!
It started when when we were in high school many years ago, Kacey has a condition known as “alopecia,” meaning that she doesn’t have any hair, and as everyone can imagine, the kids in school weren’t always as nice as they should have been to her. Then at 16 years old, Kacey gave birth to her first child, Kaitlyn, who was born with health problems and only lived for a very short 10 months before passing away. This is extremely tough for anyone, especially such a young mother. Kacey then had two more children, Haley and Kaylin, life was certainly anything but easy, she was abused, struggled with addiction but being a strong, determined young mother, she was able to overcome everything she had been through.
On October 24, 2019 her daughter, Haley (18), gave birth to Kacey’s first grandchild, Rylee Kate! This was such an exciting time for everyone! A time for new beginnings. Unfortunately Haley struggled with her own demons, and on October 24, 2020, on her daughter’s very first birthday, Haley took her own life.
This has been extremely tragic for this entire family and everyone who knows and loves them. My heart is truly broken for them. Kacey and I have have been friends since high school, we were pregnant with our daughter’s at the same time, and Haley and my daughter were the best of friends. Haley was just like my other daughter.
Now, Kacey, who does the absolute best she can, works a full time job, is also now raising her 15 year old daughter, Kaylin, and her grand daughter, Rylee Kate, all by herself. Money is tight for all single moms, and especially for this one. I can’t imagine anyone having to bury their children, definitely not two of them, and after all of the trials and tribulations of this year, loosing a child just a couple months before Christmas, and on her own daughter’s first birthday, just seems like more one should have to handle. Not to mention worrying about how to pay the bills, put food on the table, and make sure that those two babies have a Christmas as well. Any help would most certainly be appreciated more that I can express! Thanks in advance.