Kicks Christmas Wish

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season! #Kicks99SpreadingCheer

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Six:

Tanner Haywood of Columbia County


Tanner’s Story:

Tanner has been fighting for his life all of his teenage years. Tanner is well known in the CSRA, as many people have followed his journey. I have been blessed to be their family photographer, so I have witnessed everything they have been through.

This year, right before Thanksgiving, the family was told there are no more treatments plans for Tanner. He has exhausted them all and the Ewing sarcoma is still there.

A few days ago the family called in hospice to help with pain management. Tanner and his family could use some extra love and surprises this year at Christmas. They have kept their faith & have remained so positive. Something to brighten their spirits during this season of life would be such a blessing.

I probably left a lot of details, out but they can be found on their Facebook page for Tanner: Team Tanner.

UPDATE: We just learned that Tanner lost his battle with cancer today (12/7). Our prayers are with Tanner’s family and friends. We will continue to accept donations here, to assist the family with medical and funeral expenses.