Kicks Christmas Wish

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season! #Kicks99SpreadingCheer

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Five:

Phillip Lafferman of Richmond County


His Story:

Phillip Lafferman is a Lt. with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office in Augusta, GA for the past 23 yrs. About two months ago his daughter, Elizabeth Lafferman, a single mother of two, was found unresponsive in his home. She is a diabetic that has had many complications in the past & was also dealing with stage 5 kidney failure. Sometime during the night her blood sugar dropped low & put her in a diabetic coma. After several weeks in the hospital, it has been determined that she is going to be in a vegetative state for the remainder of her life. Her two boys, 8 yr old Jason & 6 yr. old Leander, will now have to be taken care of by Phillip. Phillip has no immediate family in the Augusta area able to assist in taking care of them. Her mother & sister both live in North Carolina. On Monday, 12/1/20, she will be moved to Warrenton, Ga & placed in a nursing home. Her two boys have not been able to visit her in the hospital & have not seen her since they went to bed that night before. Phillip is considering retiring just so he can take care of his grandsons because both of the boys are autistic & it’s hard to find someone to watch them while he works nights at the sheriff’s office. Please consider this family for your families helping families. They are going to need as much help as possible especially during this holiday season. Thank You, his other Family, C-Shift Richmond County Sheriff’s office.