Kicks Christmas Wish

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season! #Kicks99SpreadingCheer

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Ten:

Harlem Middle School Student


This story comes from Desiree Hinton, a teacher at Harlem Middle School, who requested to keep this student’s name anonymous.

I would like to nominate a student and his family.  I really do not know where to start other than they need some help and a bright spot.  Last year I had the pleasure of teaching his brother, and this year I have him.  His father recently left, and then two weeks ago, his grandfather (his mom’s dad) passed away. The grandfather was very important to this boy and the rest of the family.  Grandpa was a piece of stability to them, and now he is gone. My student is in 7th grade. His mom cleans houses when she can, but is struggling to keep a job because the children need so much love and attention.  She has kids in elementary, middle, and high school.  My student’s glasses are partially broken and he often wears clothing either too big or too small, because they are all hand me downs.  He is quiet and shy and will never ask for anything.  I can’t imagine what they are going through and as a mother it breaks my heart.   

UPDATE: Clothes are an immediate need for this family, and several people have asked about sizes & genders for the student and his siblings. Here are the clothing & shoes sizes for each child:

  • Boy #1 – size 8 pants | size 10-12 shirt | size 3 shoes
  • Boy #2 – size 6 pants | size 7-8 shirt | size 1 shoes
  • Boy #3 – size 10 pants | size 16-16 shirt | size 6 shoes
  • Girl #1 – size 8 pants | size medium shirt | size 4 shoes
  • Girl #2 – size 6X children’s pants | size 6X children’s shirt | size 6 shoes
  • Girl #3 – size 3 pants | size large shirt | size 6 shoes