Where’s the best chili?

Now that the weather is starting to feel more like winter, a big bowl of piping hot chili sounds incredible.  It’s a hearty meal to warm you up from the inside out.  And we have a load of options when it comes to places serving this delicious meal. Another great thing about chili is it’s versatility!  You can eat it by itself, top it with many things: cheese, sour cream, crackers, Fritos, etc.  And you can also use it to top your hot dogs, burgers, fries or baked potatoes.

Eat This, Not That! put together a list of the best chili in each state. Pointing out that no matter how you like your chili, there’s no shortage of chili found in restaurants throughout the country! Some barbecue places offer brisket chili… and though we’d never heard of this, some places serve it over mounds of spaghetti.

So what are the best places in Georgia and South Carolina to get a delicious bowl of chili?

Unfortunately, for either state, it’ll require a bit of a drive!

Georgia: Fox Bros Bar-B-Q in Atlanta

This Atlanta restaurant is one to offer brisket chili.  It’s described as out of this world.  You can eat it alone, or on their iconic Frito Pie!

South Carolina: The Tattooed Moose in Charleston

This restaurant has short rib chili.  It’s cooked with bacon and kidney beans, packed with flavor and texture.  And topped with sour cream, green onion and shredded cheddar.  Your order comes with a side of fresh cornbread too!

While these may be the best place according to Eat This, Not That! we know there has to be some great chili right here in the CSRA!

So… Let us know below!