According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Tim Hortons is coming to Georgia.  And it’s not just one location.  It seems there are 15 planned locations.

The Canadian brand is a coffee and bakery franchise. They are the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada with over 5,000 restaurants total.  The franchise has locations in 15 countries as well.

The plan for the restaurants in Georgia spans the next five years and includes the Atlanta and Columbus areas.

Abid Khutliwala is an Atlanta resident and restaurant operator.  He will be leading the expansion in the state.  After immigrating to Georgia in 2000, Khutliwala has owned franchises with multiple brands, including Popeyes, who’s parent company is the same as Tim Hortons.

Khutliwala visited Toronto years ago and fell in love with Tim Horton coffee, claiming he thinks it will be the best coffee around.

There are other Tim Horton locations in the United States, but most are in the northern part of the country. Along with Atlanta, there was another recent announcement about adding locations in Houston, Texas as the brand expands.

There are no specific details on where these 15 Tim Hortons locations in the state will be, but maybe the “Atlanta area” will grow to include the CSRA?

Maybe Tim Hortons will eventually make this list for the Augusta area…

20 Biggest Companies to Work for in Augusta

  • 20 Biggest Companies to Work for in Augusta

  • 20. Augusta Housing Authority

    This is a small government organization.  They have only 77 employees.  For more information, visit their website.

    Average length of employment at the Augusta Housing Authority is 6.1 years, and the staff is majority female. Most employees have majored in Business and earned Bachelors degrees.

    The Housing Authority of the City of Augusta, Georgia, (AHA) in partnership with Walton Communities, is pleased to...

    Posted by Augusta Housing Authority on Monday, February 14, 2022
  • 19. Hull Property Group

    This group is a full service real estate company, with around 100 employees. The company ranked #25 overall in best real estate companies to work for in Georgia according to Zippia.  The average time employees stay with the company is close to 5 years.

    Many employees majored in Business and many have Bachelors degrees. To learn more about the company, visit their website!

    Hull Property Group has the best coworkers by PAR⛳O️ur team had a great night at Topgolf in Augusta!

    Posted by Hull Property Group on Friday, June 4, 2021
  • 18. Fulghum Fibres

    This company provides fibre processing services for wood chips production. They own and operate wood chipping facilities, processing logs and timber into the wood chips. They purchase and sell roundwood, and export wood chips to a European company.

    They have around 100 employees, and have been in business since 1989. Employees stay, on average, around 5 years at the company. With the majority of their employees being male.

    Learn more about all the work they do HERE.

  • 17. Management Analysis & Utilization (MAU)

    This small company in Georgia offers workforce solutions for job seekers and clients. They have around 100 employees. Part of the company’s mission is to Honor God in all they do, treat others as we would like to be treated, continuously improve the quality of the service delivery system, and provide for and encourage employee growth and development.

    The company was founded in 1973 and specialize in staffing and recruiting.

    Visit their website to learn more.

  • 16. Carole Fabrics

    They are a small manufacturing company, founded in 1958. They have 60 years of experience making the finest soft window coverings, all handcrafted in the USA.

    The company loves to hire graduates from Augusta. They currently have around 113 employees. Many employees majored in business, but most employees’ highest level of education is a High School Diploma.

    They are ranked number 12 on Zippia’s list of Best Companies to Work for in Augusta. Visit their website for more!

  • 15. Lewis Bus Line

    This is a small transportation company with around 125 employees.

    Not only do they offer charters and tours, they do bus sales, parts & service and buy busses as well.

    The owner and founder of the company, Talmadge Lewis, is one of The Lewis Family, “America’s First Family of Bluegrass Gospel Music.”

    Learn more about them on their website.

  • 14. The City of Augusta

    This is a government company. The staff come from diverse demographic backgrounds, and over half are female. Their employees stay with the company on average 3.5 years.  The small organization has around 125 employees.

    Employees most frequently majors in Business, and the highest level of education is a Bachelors degrees for most.

    Visit the website to learn more.

  • 13. RBW Logistics

    This small transportation company strives to create a smarter supply chain.  They were founded in 1954 and employ around 150 people.

    It appears they have quite a few job openings at the moment. View those here.

    We think it is important for consumers to know standard supply chain terms with the continued supply chain issues. We...

    Posted by RBW Logistics on Tuesday, April 12, 2022
  • 12. Contract Callers

    This is a small finance company that was founded in 1926. They have 180 employees and love to hire Paine College graduates.

    On average, employees stay with the company just over 3 years.

    Learn more about their services and jobs here.

  • 11. Georgia Bank & Trust

    This company is in the financial services, and was established in 1989.

    They were acquired by South State Corporation in 2017.

  • 10. Paine College

    This college was founded originally to provide higher education opportunities to recently freed African Americans and other under-served people in 1882. It is now a 4 year university.

    Many employees of the college also graduated from the school. They offer competitive salaries in the industry. This is a medium education organization with 254 employees.

    Learn more about them on their website.

  • 9. Sagenext Infotech

    This is a medium-sized technology company that employs over 300 people. They were founded in 2008. They offer complete business cloud solutions.

    See their website here.

    " If you work on something a #little bit every day, you end up with something that is #massive "- Mark Cuban💯 ✅#MotivationalMonday #PositiveVibes #success #digital

    Posted by Sagenext Infotech LLC on Monday, April 4, 2022
  • 8. Trinity Hospital of Augusta

    This is a medium-sized health care company with 350 employees. They were founded in 2006. On average, employees stay at the company for close to 6 years.

    Many employees attended University of South Carolina – Aiken and majored in nursing.

    See their website here.

  • 7. FPL Food

    This is one of the largest privately owned processors of fresh beef products in the U.S.  They were founded in 2004.  It’s listed as number 4 on Zippia’s list of Best Companies to Work for in Augusta.

    They are a medium-sized manufacturing company with 500 employees. The company strives to provide food service and retail customers with the highest quality and consistency.

    Employees stay with the company around 3 years on average, and most employees’ highest level of education is a High School Diploma.

    Learn more about the company on their website.

    Open interviews every Thursday from 9am-1pm! Join our team today!

    Posted by FPL Food, LLC on Sunday, April 10, 2022
  • 6. Doctors Hospital

    This is a healthcare company, with a 350-bed full-service tertiary care center. They are a medium-sized company with around 500 employees.

    The average length of time employees stay with the company is just over 4 years. Most have majored in nursing and obtained a Bachelors degree.

    Visit their website here.

    Our year-long nurse residency allows first-year nurses to move with confidence from the classroom to the bedside while...

    Posted by Doctors Hospital of Augusta on Wednesday, April 13, 2022
  • 5. Southeastern Newspapers Co.

    This company is a subsidiary of Morris Publishing Group, LLC. They are a medium-size media company with 750 employees.

    Learn more about them here.

  • 4. Augusta University

    This company is a mix of education and medical. The company is very diverse and has a huge impact on national and global levels with groundbreaking research, patient-centered clinical expertise and the excellent educational programs across three local campuses.

    They employ over 1200 people, with the average stay at the company for almost 4 and a half years.

    Learn about the company here.

  • 3. Caresouth Home Health Services

    This home health company has over 3500 employees. On average, employees stay at the company for 4 years. Most employees have majored in nursing and earned a Bachelors degree.

    Learn more about them here.

  • 2. Morris Communications

    Another communication company on the list.  This large company has over 6,000 employees and specializes in news, information, advertising, entertainment and related services.

    They were founded in 1945, and employees, on average, stay with the company close to 5 years. Many UGA graduates have been employed at this company. Many employees majored in Business, and most employees’ highest education level is a Bachelors degree.

    Learn more about the company here.

  • 1. Questo

    This company was founded in 2009 and employs around 7500 people. It seems this company, along with Morris Communication and Southeastern Newspapers Co. are all part of a conglomerate.  Although not much information could be found regarding Questo Inc. other than it’s part of the publishing and broadcasting industries.

  • Other National Companies with Offices in Augusta, Georgia

  • ADP

    This is a company that provides human resources management software and services. They are based out of New Jersey, and have 58,000 employees. They have a large location here in the Augusta area. Visit their website here.

  • Electrolux Professional

    This is a multinational home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Stockholm. Their U.S. base is in Charlotte, NC.  They employ over 55,000 people. Learn more on their website.

  • Textron

    This is a multi-industry company with a global network of aircraft, defense, industrial and finance business.  They offer customers innovative solutions and services. Their home base is in Rhode Island.  They have 35,000 employees. Visit their website for career opportunities.