American football ball on green grass and white line. with lots of copy space.

It’s time for Dub’s Football Picks! This is the first big football weekend of the year. College football and pro football are back! I love making football picks. So every Friday I’m going to give you my picks for three of the biggest college games and three of the biggest pro games for the weekend.

Here are the games I’m picking for this week:

  • Alabama @ Texas Saturday at Noon on FOX
  • Tennessee @ Pitt Saturday at 3:30pm on ABC
  • Kentucky @ Florida Saturday at 7pm on ESPN
  • New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons Sunday at 1pm on FOX
  • Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings Sunday at 4:25 on FOX
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys Sunday at 8:20 on NBC

Follow along with Dub’s Football Picks this weekend and see how I do. Also, feel free to send me your picks for the games as well.

And if you’re doing any tailgating, make sure you check these out!