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What’s a food you could eat forever? It’s a tough question and a tough decision. There was a story we read about a 17 year old from Florida who has eaten nothing but macaroni and cheese his entire life. Cody and I both love mac and cheese, don’t get us wrong, but every meal, every day? I don’t know if I could do it.

That is a tough decision though. You really have to love a food in order to be able to eat it every day. Are you thinking what that food is right now? Of course you are. We put that question out to y’all this morning and Cody and I also answered as well. What’s a food you could eat forever?

Here’s the foods that Cody and I chose.

Then we opened it up to all of y’all and here are the foods Wendy, Bryan and Kevin picked

Y’all were really fired up about this. Reesa and Sergio wanted to chime in as well. Here are the foods they picked.

Want some science behind foods you could live off of forever? Check this out.

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