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Could we see the return of Blockbuster Video? I don’t know, but they’re up to something. I saw that our friends over at WJBF Newschannel 6 were talking about it as well. And they brought up that you’ll see a cryptic message if you go to

I saw two different messages. When I visited their website on my laptop it said “We are working on rewinding your movie”. Then when I went to the website on my phone it said “Be kind while we rewind”. What are you up to Blockbuster?! Are you coming back?! This better not be a tease, I don’t know if my inner 90s child can handle it.

There is one last Blockbuster Video store, and its located in Bend Oregon. There are some really cool documentaries about it. But could there be more? Apparently Blockbuster Video reactivated their Twitter as well. So we’ve got a reactivated website and Twitter, again I ask, what are you up to Blockbuster?!

According to the article from WJBF, Blockbuster is currently owned by Dish Network. Dish Network bought Blockbuster for $228 million back in 2011 and announced all of the Blockbusters would be closed by November of 2013. Of course the one in Bend Oregon survived. Just like the rest of you, Blockbuster Video was a huge part of my childhood. I would love to see a reboot of some sort.

I supposed we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Could we see the return of Blockbuster Video? To read the full article from WJBF, click here.

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