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Coach Cody is training me for my first 5K. Hows it going? You’ll see her whipping me into shape in this week’s video. She’s being tough on me, but to her credit, I need it! If theres anyone who can get me 5K ready its Cody. Cody has run many a 5K and many a marathon. This ain’t her first rodeo so to speak.

In case you missed it, back in February I committed to running the Big Run 5K in June at SRP Park. Well I committed to running it, and forgot about it I guess. Hey, I mean I do have a lot going on, it just slipped my mind. Well a few weeks ago after she ran her latest marathon, Cody reminded me of my commitment, and asked how training was going?

Training? For what? Thats how I responded. She put her foot down right then and started whipping me into shape. Someone gave her a whistle and she takes this thing with her everywhere she goes. The whistle is mostly to stop me from eating or drinking something I shouldn’t right now. Apparently we have some snitches in our office. Someone told Cody I was eating a Pop Tart for breakfast yesterday. This is what happened.

Coach Cody is training me to take this 5K seriously! She doesn’t take any mess! I suppose I’d better do what she says. I’m going to be hearing that dang whistle in my sleep for the next few weeks. By the way, if you’d like to join us in running the Big Run 5K June 7th at SRP Park, you can get more info by clicking here.

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