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So there’s a dog in South Carolina that can drink from a straw? What?! This is why I love the internet. I get to see things like this. There is a TikTok user who is showing off her French Bulldog named Beaux. Beaux can apparently drink from a straw, or can he?

According to this TikTok, Beaux can drink out of a straw, and does so at lots of places. Starbucks, Dunkin, Chik-fil-A, those are all places you’ll find this two year old dog drinking from a straw. Beaux’s owner Riley lives just up the road in Columbia, South Carolina. She does admit that this isn’t exactly what it seems.

Beaux isn’t really drinking from the straw. Dogs can’t create any suction with their mouths, so Beaux can’t really drink from the straw, but it sure does look like thats what he’s doing. Dogs don’t have complete cheeks so they can’t create suction like humans can. Thats the technical answer from veterinarians.

I need to figure out how to get our dogs to do something cool like this so I can take some pictures. Riley and Beaux have garnered the attention of Newsweek. They’ve also racked up over 6 million views on TikTok.

You can see Beaux, the dog from South Carolina who drinks from a straw for yourself.

You can read more about Riley and Beaux here.

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