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The NFL Playoffs Divisional Round is this weekend. Of course I’m fired up, but kinda sad. While the games mean more this time of year, it also means football is almost over. We’ve only got a few weeks left. That means only a couple more Dub’s Football Picks episodes until later this year.

I had a pretty good weekend last week. I went 4-2. Not perfect, but still more right than wrong. The only games I missed last week were that I picked the Vikings and The Bucs. There are less games this weekend, so lets see if I can make these picks count.

Here are the games I’m picking this week.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars @ The Kansas City Chiefs Saturday at 4:30pm on NBC
  • The New York Giants @ The Philadelphia Eagles Saturday at 8:15pm on FOX
  • The Cincinnati Bengals @ The Buffalo Bills Sunday at 3pm on CBS
  • The Dallas Cowboys @ The San Francisco 49ers Sunday at 6:30pm on FOX

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Here are my picks for the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round this weekend.