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Y’all have got to see these videos of Baby Maddie’s latest milestones. Its crazy to think that she’ll be six months old in a couple of weeks, and she’s just growing up right before our eyes every day. Kelsey and I love that we can watch he learn and do new things seemingly every day now. She’s turning into a big girl, and I’m not sure Kelsey and I are ready for that yet.

Maddie has been doing great in daycare. She loves going, and the staff there love her. She’s been playing with toys a bit more. Another thing Baby Maddie loves to do right now is stand. She’s been stretching her legs out, so I thought lets see if she’ll stand up. Of course I’m holding her under her arms, but she puts the weight on her legs. And while she’s standing up she’s starting to stomp her foot.

There are a few other milestones that have just happened in the last few days. Maddie started “solid” food the other day. I say “solid” because its just rice cereal made a little thicker, but she’s eating it out of a spoon. Bibs are a necessity when this happens. And just last night she rolled over on her own for the first time!

Of course after she did it once, my wife and I wanted her to do it more, and she did! She’s rolling over like a boss now!

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We can’t wait to see what the next milestones are going to be, but in the meantime check out these videos of Baby Maddie’s latest milestones.

This was when she tried “solid” food for the first time.

And this was the first time she rolled over on her own last night.